Sorento Elementary School turns textile recycling into family affair

Recycling textiles turned into a family affair in the small town of Sorento, Ill.

Students, teachers, parents, grandparents and community members joined together to recycle  textiles for the Bags for Bucks event at Sorento Elementary School located at 510 S. Main St. The school participated in Bags for Bucks fundraising program sponsored by USAgain, a for-profit textile recycling company.

“We have recycled soda cans, this and that, but nothing like this,” said Principal Bill Carpenter.  “To take your clothes and return it to have it recycled in the world, that gives everybody a good feeling.”

Sorento Elementary School, part of Bond County School District, has 190 students in a town of 600 people.

Flyers were sent home with students, posted at convenience stores and at a neighborhood post office encouraging the recycling of surplus clothing and shoes. USAgain distributed bags and the joint effort collected over 1,450 pounds of textiles.

“Recycling is as important as anything,” Principal Carpenter continued, confirming that the students were as excited as the rest of the town. “This allowed people to clean out their closets, knowing it was for a good cause. Lots of community members dropped off bags and clothes. We’re a very small town with a big heart.”

The clothes that were collected from Sorento Elementary School resulted in huge environmental benefits. It helped prevent emission of 10,150 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere and saved over two million gallons of water.

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