USAgain Partners with Eco-Erek to divert more shoes from landfills

USAgain partnered with Erek Hansen, better known as Eco-Erek, to divert about 3,000 pounds of shoes from landfills.



Eco-Erek is no stranger to recycling and sustainability – he’s been organizing recycling drives for jeans, shoes and other items since a National Geographic article inspired him to start recycling in 2009. Erek has partnered with USAgain for shoe recycling once a year since 2011, and the 3,000 pairs collected this year weighed out to 4,988 pounds.


“Eco-Erek is a perfect example of how our youth can make a difference in the world,” said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. “His recycling endeavors have engaged thousands of people and countless communities to do the right thing and recycle. We look forward to a great future of recycling in partnership with Erek and his family.”


Erek, who is 13 and hails from Curtice, Ohio, maintains a website that tracks his ongoing recycling efforts and showcases his media coverage. Check him out at, and as Erek says, “help me help our planet!”

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